Late Nights at the Fire Pit (with Food Trucks!)

This summer we’re trying something a little different and staying open late on Wednesday nights so that we can bring in food trucks, enjoy the pool under the lights, and light the new fire pit.

For our inaugural late night on June 19, we will have NOSH Modern Mobile Bistro in the parking lot. Their “doors” will open around 4 and they will be there until 8.

The pool will close at 9:00 pm these nights and we’ll get the fire started around 7:00. We will be selling s’mores kits and sticks for roasting your marshmallows to anyone interested in having a sweet snack while enjoying the fire. For $1 you can get a kit with all the fixins’ for 2 s’mores. We will also be selling marshmallow roasting sticks for $1 each. All money raised from this will go towards the pool re-lining project.

The first fire pit night will be Wednesday, June 19. This event is staffed by volunteers, so we will only be able to have the fire pit open if we have adult volunteers available to staff the event. Volunteer here:


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