Colony Pool is run solely by our dedicated volunteers. Beginning in 2021, Colony Pool will be utilizing committees to help run the pool. Each committee will have a Coordinator- when a committee volunteer is needed to assist at the pool, the Coordinator will be notified and will help organize accomplishing the task. Many hands make light work. We’re hoping by asking members to assist with a committee, we will be able to gain more volunteers working together. Tasks for committees are listed below and may be expanded as necessary. This is an excellent way to bank maintenance fee volunteer hours. If you’re interested in volunteering but have additional questions, please email colonypoolmembers@gmail.com

House Committee- helps to maintain the Barn, Cuda Café, portico, garage, and judge’s deck.

Grounds Committee- helps to maintain the grounds, trees, shrubbery, flower beds, walk paths. Weekly upkeep of Colony’s grounds is required during the season.

Engineering and Pool Operations Committee- Has charge of all Engineering Operations, the pools and pool apron.


A Maintenance Fee of $75 will be introduced this year to foster a larger volunteer base, and to raise funds for necessary repairs and improvements. Members not wishing to volunteer their time may pay the maintenance fee in lieu of fulfilling their volunteer hours. For members volunteering their time, a total of 10 hours must be earned prior to opening day. Hours earned after opening day will be applied to next season’s volunteer hours.

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Volunteer days– Preparing the grounds and Colony Pool for the season requires MANY volunteers! Volunteer Days will be held the first and third Saturday of the month starting in March.
  • Fundraising- Volunteering to help with a fundraiser is an easy way to fulfill volunteer hours and get to know other Colony members!
  • Cleaning- Colony’s bathrooms need to be cleaned daily this winter and spring. A SignUp Genius will be emailed to members and posted on Facebook at the beginning of every month. This is a quick and easy opportunity to earn hours!
  • The Pool Board of Directors– Colony’s Board of Directors is a group of volunteers that meets monthly. We need YOUR input to guide decision-making! There are many open positions available for this upcoming season.
  • Committees- House, Grounds, and Pool OPS committees oversee necessary maintenance. Many hands make light work…and it takes A LOT of work to keep colony’s pool, grounds, and buildings operational. Committees with several members volunteering regularly ensure that maintenance is a collective effort.
  • Other board approved opportunities- Please email Colony Pool or contact a board member if you have additional or alternative contributions that you wish the board to consider.

For membership and general questions, please contact us via email at colonypoolmembers@gmail.com, via our Facebook page or Facebook messenger.