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All families are required to complete and submit a Membership Application annually along with a photo of each member listed on the application so that we can be sure our records are current and accurate. You can provide your photos via mail along with your completed application, via email, or have them taken at the front gate in May.


2023 Membership Rates

A Maintenance Fee of $75 has been introduced to help foster a larger volunteer base, and to raise funds for necessary repairs and improvements. Members not wishing to volunteer their time may pay the maintenance fee in lieu of fulfilling their volunteer hours. For members volunteering their time, a total of 10 hours must be earned prior to opening day. Hours earned after opening day will be applied to next season’s (2024) volunteer hours.  

Select MembershipWith $75 Maintenance FeeWithout Maintenance Fee
Family Membership$475$400
Couples Membership$400$325
Single Membership$300$225
Affiliate MembershipNot applicable$75
Caregiver MembershipNot applicable$100

Online membership payments are now processed via Square (previously via PayPal). Both of these platforms pass the credit card processing fees on to the member. To avoid these fees, we welcome you to mail a check or pay via cash (at any Volunteer Work Day or on Opening Day. All monies paid toward membership are non-refundable.

Family Membership: $400

Includes parents and children under age 27 living in the same house. Additional persons age 27 and over living in the house are $75 each. To add an additional person, please select the Affiliate Membership below.

Couple: $325

Includes two people living in the same house. Additional persons living in the same house are $75 each. Does not include children unless included as one of the couple with a parent.

Single: $225

One adult (18 yr or older). Does not include children.

Senior Discount SAVE $25

A member 60 years of age or older by May 25, 2022 as a part of any membership. Only one senior discount can be applied to a membership.

Affiliate Membership: $75

The affiliate membership is available only for additional non-dependent adult or child living in your residence or visiting from out of town for an extended period of time. For example a visiting grandparent, grandchild or an adult child living in your home. This is not meant for family members or friends who live in the area who want to attend the pool with you. However, affiliate members are not considered active members until after approval of membership chair or treasurer.

Caregiver Membership Add-On: $100

To be purchased in conjunction with a membership for use by a babysitter age 18 or over who does not live in the members household. Must be accompanied by children or adult listed on the membership to gain access. To gain access without a member, we urge you to purchase a membership. Please click here to open the Caregiver Membership Application.

Inactive Membership: $25

For grandfathered stock members: if you will not be using your membership this year and would like to take a leave of absence.

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