Kids Adventures Flyer

Available during Lap Swim M-F

Five 50 Minute sessions every day – (2:50-3:40) (3:50-4:40) (4:50-5:40) (5:50-6:40) (6:50-7:40)

Pay per kid per session: $10 Members $12 Non-members

Ten slots available for each time period.

Colony Pool Kids Adventure Sign Up

Each session will include:

– Starting with an instructive game (Simon Says, Mother May I, Name Game)

– Lead into a more active game/activity (scavenger hunt, ships and sailors, Nature Art)

– Finishing with a mind game (riddles, detective game, number games)

Information while on the facility:

– Before arrival at Colony Pool parents must sign the liability form on the Colony Pool website and read all guidelines with their children. Parents should assure children are aware of social distancing and that this standard still applies in the Kids Adventure program.

– Each child should come prepared to have fun, are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, and know that restrooms are only available for emergency use, so please take care of businesses before leaving the house.

– When kids arrive they will stay with their parents either in their cars or under one of the poles colored with green paint until one of the instructors comes to the gate to bring them into the facility. When children are leaving, they will wait under one of the poles painted with red paint until their parent come to get them. One of the instructors will be by the gate the entire time to assure that children maintain social distancing and are picked up by their parents

– Kids will arrive ten minutes before lap swim starts and leave at the same time lap swim ends. This will assure that no more than ten people are entering the facility at one time.

– Kids will enter and exit through the same gate. They will go in through the front gate then turn right through the gate that leads to the front of the barn and around to the basketball court

Your Instructors:

Casie Clark: A dedicated and adventuresome leader, Casie has been a part of the colony Pool Family for nineteen years. She was a coach for the Colony Cudas for seven years, where she discovered her love for teaching children. Entering her senior year at Northern Michigan University next fall, Casie is pursuing a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Management. Though this, She hopes to combine her love for kids with her passion for the outdoors. At Colony Pool Kids Adventures, Casie will use her skills to help your kids learn and grow through experience in the outdoors.

Katha Springhetti: Katha is a fun-loving and enthusiastic leader. Katha has experience teaching kids how to swim and working at a summer sports camp. Growing up in the mountains she was always excited to explore the outdoors and trying out new sports and activities. Being from Italy and attending Northern Michigan University with Casie, Katha speaks German, Italian, and English and has learn how to communicate and connect with people from different cultures. This helps her understand kids with different characteristics and backgrounds.